Area Staff


Position Name Email Address
Area Director Kris Graff
Area Treasurer Sue Sullivan
Area Management Administrator Melynda Brown
Area Referee Administrator Simon Diggins
Area Director of Referee Instruction Hugh Vanderborgt
Area Director of Referee Assessment Hugh Vanderborgt
Area Safety Director
Area Coach Trainer Bill Barton
Area Coach Trainer Gordon White
Area Developer Judy Fisher
Area V I P Coordinator Kim Nielsen
Area CVPA Natalie Apolonio
Area Instructor Jennifer Kalm
Area Secretary Christina Davies
Area Coach Administrator Shawna Smith
Area Webmaster Rowland Graff
Area Staff Robyn Dulco


Position Name Email Address
Area Director Marc Carroll
Area Secretary Tim Comstock
Area Coach Administrator Marc Carroll
Area Referee Administrator Jeff Brower
Area Treasurer Tim Comstock
Area CVPA Linda Gregory


Position Name Email Address
Area Director Mark Pedersen
Area Management Administrator Angie Harcourt


Position Name Email Address
Area Director Shannon Hawkins
Area Secretary Natalie Lawes
Area Safety Director Bruce Illum
Area Coach Administrator Travis Braden
Area Referee Administrator Mark Smith
Area Director of Referee Assessment Brendon Gallego
Area Dir. of Ref. Instruction Justin Rague
Area Coach Trainer Joel Barraza
Area Treasurer Kristie Alverson
Area Webmaster Bruce Illum
Area CVPA Caryn Doman
Area EXTRA Program Coordinator Mark Tracy
Area Management Administrator Stacie Bateman
Area Instructor Dave Oram

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